Swoon - Vintage 14K Gold Fill Cultured Pearl & Agate Festoon Necklace (VN121)

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Swoon - Vintage 14K Gold Fill Cultured Pearl & Agate Festoon Necklace.  This beautiful necklace is crafted from 14K gold fill, hallmarked 14K GF.  Featuring 9 genuine cultured pearls, 3 genuine heart shaped agates, Victorian Revival styling,and quality craftsmanship.  This necklace is a known as a 'Festoon' design (a characteristic of Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian jewelry). Festoon necklaces are usually comprised of chains, which connect different lengths of chain to give it a draping effect.  This particular example has two layers of chain, which is adorned and connected to pearls and agate dangles. The back of the necklace features a spring ring clasp, which is in perfect order. The clasp is flanked by a pearl on each side of the clasp, adding a pretty and finished touch to the back of the chain. This Vintage necklace is so unique and lovely.  A great piece to add to your jewelry collection.

Pearls were presented as gifts to Chinese royalty as early as 2300 BC, while in ancient Rome, pearl jewellery was considered the ultimate status symbol. So precious were the spherical gems that in the 1st century BC, Julius Caesar passed a law limiting the wearing of pearls only to the ruling classes. Legend has it that, in order to show her wealth and power, Cleopatra VII (69 B.C. - 30 B.C.) made a bet with her lover — the Roman leader Marc Antony — that she could spend 10 million sesterces on one meal. "She ordered the second course to be served.

Agate derives its name from a river in Sicily, which the Greeks called Achates. Vast quantities of agate were discovered in this river as early as 300 B.C. During the reign of Julius Caesar, while engaged in the Gallic Wars, deposits of agate were discovered along the Nahe River in Germany.

Gold filled (usually labeled "GF" by jewelers) is a metal composed of a solid layer of gold that is bonded to a core base metal through heat and pressure. Gold filled jewelry will not wear off over time, and if taken care of properly it can last a lifetime.

The festoon necklace became popular during the Georgian period (1714–1830s), carrying over into the Victorian era (1837–1901). Some of the more elaborate fashionable black necklaces (not meant for mourning) made during this period incorporated swags of jet beads. Bohemian garnets and other materials were also used.


Measurements: Necklace 16"     Drop 45.00 mm 

Stone Size: Pearl 3.00 mm - 5.00 mm    Agate: 12.00 mm x 12.00 mm 

Weight: 6.00 grams 

Condition: Excellent 

Origin: America    

Date: Circa 1980 



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