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Ice & Snow - Vintage 14K White Gold Cultured Pearl & Diamond Stud Earrings.  These classic earrings are crafted from 14K white gold, hallmarked 14k.  Featuring 2 genuine cultured pearls, 2 natural round cut diamonds, classic styling and quality craftsmanship. These pretty earrings are set with white pearls, displaying a silvery grey overtone. Above the pearls are expertly claw-set diamonds, adding a touch of sparkle to the earrings. The earrings are for pierced ears, and feature posts and butterfly backs. These Vintage classics would make a perfect addition to any jewelry collection.  

Pearls were presented as gifts to Chinese royalty as early as 2300 BC, while in ancient Rome, pearl jewellery was considered the ultimate status symbol. So precious were the spherical gems that in the 1st century BC, Julius Caesar passed a law limiting the wearing of pearls only to the ruling classes. Legend has it that, in order to show her wealth and power, Cleopatra VII (69 B.C. - 30 B.C.) made a bet with her lover — the Roman leader Marc Antony — that she could spend 10 million sesterces on one meal. "She ordered the second course to be served.

The earliest diamonds were found in India in 4th century BC, although the youngest of these deposits were formed 900 million years ago. A majority of these early stones were transported along the network of trade routes that connected India and China, commonly known as the Silk Road.

Gold was generally used for a couple thousand years solely to create things such as jewelry and idols for worship. This was until around 1500 BC when the ancient empire of Egypt, which benefited greatly from its gold-bearing region, Nubia, made gold the first official medium of exchange for international trade.Apr 26, 2016

Although the origin of white color gold dates back to 1710, where it was discovered by two alchemists in Germany, it wasn't used widely until much later. White gold as we know it today was really popularised in the 1920s. Although it might seem strange, this luxury material came to popularity in wartime.

Measurements: Earrings 8.00 mm x 5.00 mm 

Stone Size: Pearl 5.00 mm     Diamond .02 carats 

Weight: .08 grams 

Condition: Excellent 

Origin: America    

Date: Circa 1980

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