Plum Hues - Vintage Sterling Silver Crystal Rhinestone Bracelet (VB073)

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Plum Hues - Vintage Sterling Silver Crystal Rhinestone Bracelet. This lovely bracelet is crafted from a sterling Silver, hallmarked 925 for sterling. Featuring 7 rectangular faceted crystals, 14 round cut faceted crystals, vintage styling, and quality craftsmanship. The galleries on this bracelet showcase bezel set plum colored crystals, which are interspaced by decorate links and claw-set sparkling purplish/pink crystals. The bracelet has a secure spring ring clasp, which is in perfect working order. This Vintage bracelet is versatile, and can her worn with anything and everything. 

History: Centuries ago, quartz pebbles with a high lead content were found sparkling on the banks of Europe's Rhine River. These beautiful, natural stones were highly coveted and were eventually depleted, inspiring jewelers to create an imitation, aptly named the "rhinestone."

The story of silver mining began about 5,000 years ago. Silver was first mined around 3,000 BCE in Anatolia, now located in modern-day Turkey. The precious metal helped early civilizations in the Near East, Ancient Greece to flourish.

The term "sterling silver" probably originated in eastern Germany when five towns formed the Hanseatic League in the 1100s. These town minted their own coins of 92.5 percent silver. When Britain sold cattle and grain to the League, they were paid in "Easterling coins".


Measurements: Bracelet 8 1/2 "

Stone Size: Crystal Rhinestones 17.00 mm - 13.00 mm 

Weight: 27.50 grams 

Condition: Very Good.  Not: Slight age related wear seen with magnification. 

Origin: America

Date: Circa 1970

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