Wisdom & Strength - Vintage Gold Plated Oak Leaf Brooch (VBR216)

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Wisdom & Strength - Vintage Gold Plated Oak Leaf Brooch. This symbolic brooch is crafted from gold plate over metal.  Featuring lovely detail, and vintage styling. This  stately brooch is made in the form of an oak leaf. The brooch exhibits lovely detail and a rich textured finish. The brooch has its original pin, and lock system in perfect working order. The vintage brooch is versatile, and looks wonderful when worn. 

With a long history of symbolism, the towering oak tree has deep roots within the realms of strength, wisdom and healing. Proving time and time again to be the embodiment of beauty and power.

In England, John Wright and Henry and George Elkington got the first patent for gold and silver electroplating in 1840. The underpinnings of the process were engineered several decades earlier by a chemist from Italy named Luigi Brugnatelli. He was a good buddy of Alessandro Volta, for whom the volt is named.

The beginnings of the brooch can be traced back to the Bronze Age, where early iterations took form in simple pins with circular rings. The unassuming ornaments were often used to secure and fasten cloaks and other garments during the winter.

Measurements: Brooch  75.00 mm x 48.50 mm 

Weight: 10.80 grams 

Condition: Excellent  

Origin: America 

Date: Circa 1960


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