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Wonderful To Behold  -  Edwardian 9K Rose Gold, Rose Engine Engraved Locket. This lovely locket is crafted out of 9K rose gold,  hallmarked FRONT 9ct BACK.  Featuring Edwardian styling, exquisite fine engraving, and quality gold-work.  This locket is circular in shape displaying beautiful fine engravings on the front and back of the piece. The front of the locket showcases a polished plaque for initials or a  monogram if desired, surrounded by scrolls and flowers. There is also an elegant engraved striped decoration (a characteristic of the Edwardian period)  The back is also completely engraved with striped decoration and full hallmarks.  The border on this pendant has a very interesting and unique scalloped type decoration. The top of the locket features an exquisite scroll which adds design and beauty to the piece. The inside of the locket has one frame and both plastic clear protectors. The locket is a back to front locket which is crafted from 9K rose gold and metal, adding strength to the piece, a characteristic of Victorian and Edwardian  lockets. This locket has a lip type opening and opens and closes well.  The locket has been matched up to a 14K rose gold filled Belcher chain.  This fantastic Edwardian piece looks stunning when worn, truly a piece to be treasured and enjoyed for many years to come. 

Note: The Rose Engine was developed in the 16th century but found wide-scale popularity in the early 19th century when Breguet applied the craft to augment his watch dials cases, and movements; many believe it reaches its apex with Fabergé. The Rose Engine has produced some of the finest engravings in the world,  including the complex background and border patterns on early British postage stamps and Karl Faberge's signature decoration , guilloché enamelling , for his eponymous and famous eggs created for Tsar Alexander III of Russia.  The complex designs of the rose engine made it very difficult to forge. 


Measurements: Locket (including bale) 40.00mm x 29.00mm     Chain: 18" 

Weight: 6.10 grams 

Condition: Excellent   Note: Amazing condition.  

Origin: England 

Date: Circa 1900

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