You're The One - Vintage Retro Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Ring (VR546)

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You're The One - Vintage Retro Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Ring.  This gorgeous ring is crafted from sterling silver, hallmarked STERLING and a makers mark.  Featuring a round brilliant cubic zirconia, Retro styling and quality craftsmanship.  This eye catching ring is expertly claw set with a bright clear sparkling cubic zirconia.  The gallery and shoulders of the ring is in the form of a wonderful swirl. The ring is substantial and displays modernistic decoration.  The shank is smooth and polished , which allows for a comfortable fit.  The Vintage ring looks stunning when worn, a statement piece to be enjoyed for many years to come! 

The natural form of cubic zirconia is zirconium oxide, which is yellow in appearance. It was first discovered in 1892, but the mineral wasn't considered to be of any value. Sometime in the early 1930s, interest in the mineral was revived as scientists conducted experiments that included melting the ore.

Cubic zirconia is a manmade mineral made of zirconium dioxide. CZs can appear to be very like diamonds, but they have very different mineral structures. Cubic zirconias have been found in nature in small amounts, but the vast majority used in the jewelry are man-made in a lab.

Silver's history is long. The first evidence of silver mining dates back to 3000 B.C., in Turkey and Greece, according to the RSC. Ancient people even figured out how to refine silver. ... The silver does not react to the air, but the base metals such as lead and copper oxidize and separate from the precious metal.



Measurements: Face of Ring 19.00 mm 17.00 mm 

Stone Size: Cubic Zirconia 2.65 carats 

Weight: 8.30 carat 

Ring Size: 8 

Condition: Excellent 

Origin: Canada 

Date: 1980s

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