Ivory Treasure - Art Deco Genuine Carved Ivory Lariat Necklace (ADN065)

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Ivory Treasure - Art Deco Genuine Carved Ivory Lariat Necklace.  This beautiful necklace is crafted from genuine ivory. Featuring  genuine carved ivory, ivory beads, and Art Deco / Vintage styling.  This necklace is comprised of hand carved ivory beads, and two beautifully carved larger decorative beads. The clasp on the necklace is a secure vintage screw type, also made from genuine ivory.  This particular example is a carat style, which can be adjusted by knotting the lariat to where you would like the tassels to dangle. The beads are hand strung with ivory coloured silk thread. These Art Deco necklaces are a treasure indeed, and are only available and acceptable in todays market if the item is antique or Vintage. Highly collectible and an heirloom piece to be cherished for many years to come.

Elephant ivory has been exported from Africa and Asia for millennia with records going back to the 14th century BCE.

Before plastics were introduced, ivory had many ornamental and practical uses, mainly because of the white color it presents when processed. It was formerly used to make cutlery handles, billiard balls, piano keys, Scottish bagpipes, buttons and a wide range of ornamental items.


Measurements: Ivory Necklace 26" 

Stone Size:  Large Beads  12.00 mm    Small Beads 3.00 mm 

Weight: 10.20 grams 

Condition: Excellent 

Origin: Orient   

Date: Circa 1920 




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