Toi Et Moi - Vintage 10K Gold Cultured Pearl Bypass Ring (VR813)

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Toi Et Moi - Vintage 10K Gold Cultured Pearl Bypass Ring. This lovely ring is crafted from 10K gold, hallmarked 10K, and COL, for the maker COLUMBIA. Featuring 2 genuine cultured ocean pearls, classic vintage styling, and quality craftsmanship. This pretty ring showcases two lustrous white pearls with pinkish overtones. The shoulders are a bypass design, in which the gentle curves works perfectly with the round pearls. The shank is polished and smooth, which allows for a comfortable fit. This classic vintage ring would make a wonderful addition to any fine jewelry collection. 

History: History: Pearls were presented as gifts to Chinese royalty as early as 2300 BC, while in ancient Rome, pearl jewellery was considered the ultimate status symbol. So precious were the spherical gems that in the 1st century BC, Julius Caesar passed a law limiting the wearing of pearls only to the ruling classes.

Kokichi Mikimoto, the son of a Japanese noodle maker, created the world's first cultured pearl in 1893 by manually introducing an irritant into an oyster to stimulate it to form a pearl.

Gold was generally used for a couple thousand years solely to create things such as jewelry and idols for worship. This was until around 1500 BC when the ancient empire of Egypt, which benefited greatly from its gold-bearing region, Nubia, made gold the first official medium of exchange for international trade.

Toi et Moi, meaning ‘you and me’ in French, might be some of the most romantic and simple words someone could hear from a love one. Having these words translated into a ring is even more romantic! Toi et Moi rings are made with two stones that are set next to each other without ever touching and  on the same ring. Historically, these stones were of similar size and shape, but contemporary designers are playing with this design.

One of the first Toi et Moi rings mentioned in jewelry history is that of Napoleon Bonaparte. In 1796, Napoleon was a revolutionary soldier in the French army. Napoleon offered to his first wife, Josephine de Beauharnais a gorgeous Toi et Moi ring. At the time, Josephine was 6 years older than him, with 2 children from a previous marriage. Napoleon’s family was none too pleased about this union, but nothing could stop the two lovebirds. The Toi et Moi ring was made in gold, with a delicate band holding a pear shaped sapphire and an antique pear shaped diamond. Each weigh just under 1-carat. Though they divorced in 1810, this ring is still a strong symbol of romance and love. In 2013, the ring sold for just under $1 million at Osenat, a French auction house! 

History on Columbia Jewelry Company:  In December 1898, one salesperson was hired to solicit orders for New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore.  Twelve bands were put to work in the factory. During the first year the volume of business so increased that it became necessary to increase the size of the floor space, which today is known as Columbia Jewelry Company ( see article for the article in the Cambridge Chronicle dated June 21 1913)  including with write-up. 


Measurements: Face of the Ring 14.00 mm x 10.00 mm 

Stone Size: Pearl 7.00 mm each 

Weight: Ring 3.10 grams 

Ring Size: 6 1/2 

Condition: Excellent 

Origin: America 

Date: Circa 1970

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