Victorian Miniature Hat Box (VICA002)

Rarities Antique Jewelry

Item Number:  VICA002

Victorian miniature hat box.  This precious Victorian miniature, is made from paper, and cotton. The box is sky blue in colour with a powder pink cotton ribbon,  featuring ladies and gentleman dressed in 18th and 19th century clothing.  The box is very clean inside,  including the lid. The outside is also in remarkable condition for it's age, there are two faint water stains on the top of the lid , also the top of the lid lifts off the band, however it is partly joined and sits perfectly on the band. The ribbon is delicate, however still durable enough to tie a bow. There are no rips or tears to the ribbon or the box, the colours are still vibrant and beautiful. This is a very special collectible box, in wonderful condition. 


Measurements:  Length 2 1/2" Width 3 1/2 " Height: 2 1/2" 

Weight: 19.3 grams

Condition: Excellent 

Origin: America      Note: From the private collection of Michelle Sillence, owner of Rarities Antique Jewelry , purchased in 1995 in New Hampshire 

Date: Circa 1900

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