Violets & Lace - Vintage 10K Gold Amethyst Glass Filigree Ring (VR893)

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Violets & Lace - Vintage 10K Gold Amethyst Glass Filigree Ring. This gorgeous ring is crafted from 10K gold, hallmarked 10K.  The ring features one oval cut faceted glass stone, vintage styling, and quality craftsmanship. The gallery on this ring is set with a beautiful amethyst glass gemstone, which is surrounded by an exquisite filigree frame. The shoulders are beautifully engraved, which leads down to a smooth and polished shank.  This vintage ring looks stunning when worn, truly a perfect addition to any fine jewelry collection. 

History: Glass Jewelry dates all the way back 2000+ years to the ancient Romans (duh), but is now gaining popularity again as it is being unearthed and reborn into the world's most unique jewelry. Read on to learn more about this historical trend.

Gold was generally used for a couple thousand years solely to create things such as jewelry and idols for worship. This was until around 1500 BC when the ancient empire of Egypt, which benefited greatly from its gold-bearing region, Nubia, made gold the first official medium of exchange for international trade.

The word "filigree" comes from the Latin words "filum," meaning "thread," and "granum," meaning "grain." Filigree jewellery has been made for centuries, and its history can be traced back to ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. The earliest known examples of filigree jewellery date back to the Middle East around 3,000 BC.


Measurements: Face of the Ring 23.50 mm x 14.00 mm 

Stone Size: Amethyst Glass 16.50 mm x 11.50 mm 

Weight: 5.60 grams 

Ring Size: 6

Condition: Very Good    Note: Some age related scratches on stone seen under magnification. 

Origin: America

Date: Circa 1930

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